Patented Technology

Much-More than just searching for the Lowest Fuel Price

Why the Lowest Fuel Price is Often Not the Best Method to Lower your Fuel Costs & CO2 Emissions.

The cost of fuel has the greatest impact on the direct operating costs of an aircraft.   However, there are a number of factors that bear on both fuel prices and fuel-utilization that makes minimizing fuel costs and the reduction of CO2 emissions a difficult task.

By just uploading fuel at the lowest priced FBO at the departing airport could result in not taking advantage of an even lower priced fuel opportunity at an airport along the way to the destination.

On the other hand, you can’t simply lower the total fuel costs by flying to an FBO along the way to the final destination that has a lower fuel price. As the additional fuel burned traveling to the lower price fuel and the additional weight of the fuel upload, both of which may vary based on factors such as; weather, altitude and speed, increase the fuel burned as well the time required to get back to the planned route may not make a meaningful impact on the total cost of the flight.

In fact, there is even greater potential to save on fuel costs when the aircraft is scheduled to stop at a number of destinations.

Win-Win For Everyone

Business Aircraft Owners - Flight Departments - Aircraft Management Companies - FBO’s - Fuel Suppliers/Resellers - Air Charter Operators - Flight Planners - Consultants - Manufacturers - Geospatial Services Providers


Fuel-Optimization Lowers Fuel Costs & Reduces Carbon Emissions  

Aircraft Fuel Optimization for Multi-Stop Routes quickly determines the lowest fuel costs; while at the same time, reduces carbon emissions. 


Patented Technology

The patented technology has been put to work in an intuitive flight-planning platform that runs on the web, smartphones and tablets that calculates the lowest trip costs and carbon emissions for single and multi-stop trip routes.  By utilizing a multitude of trip specific factors coupled with a sophisticated array of algorithms such as; fuel price, Great Circle Mapper, distances between airports, payloads, fuel burn, current weather and other relevant data the application then displaying the results in an easy to read format in less than 15-seconds.

Methodology at Work in Transportation

Alternate embodiments may be utilized in other modes of transportation such as; autos, trucks, long-haul trucks, yachts and trains. Visit our auto fuel site at

Value-Added Benefits

  • Drive more business to FBO Networks, Branded Fuel Dealers, Management Companies, Air Charter Operators

  • Lowers fuel costs & CO2 emissions... up to 12%

  • Designed for FAR Part 91 and 135 Operators 

  • Virtual Fuel Program - stand-alone profit center

  • Software application designed for web, smartphones, hand-held devices, on-board displays

  • Built-in custom overrides and with default values

  • Displays the lowest trip costs, fastest route for each leg and trip summary

  • Displays the lowest carbon emissions for each leg with trip summary

  • Displays suggested fuel uploads at each leg of the trip

  • Displays tankering opportunities and suggested uploads and savings

  • User-friendly display returns single & multi-stop trip routes in less than 15-seconds

  • Utilizes real-time data; e.g., weather, fuel prices, payload and other factors

  • Environmentally positive - Carbon Emissions and Carbon Trading Modules

  • On-the-go overrides so user can quickly change trip route profile

  • Free-up human resources and other assets

  • Fuel-farm opportunities 

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