A Smarter way to Calculate the Lowest Fuel Costs & CO2 Emissions!



How It Works

The robust patented technology with its sophisticated array of algorithms quickly factors in trip specific data such as; trip route, tankering opportunities, payloads, fuel burn, current fuel prices, weather, and other relevant data to arrive at the lowest trip cost and suggested fuel upload for each trip-leg and entire trip. 


Lowest Trip Cost

Suggested Fuel Upload

Real-Time Fuel Prices

Current Weather 

Carbon Emissions

Tankering Options

Multi-Stop Routes

Multi-Leg Trips
Detailed Real Time Information
Lowest Cost Routes
Fastest Time
Simple and Intuitive Interface
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Improved Fuel-Efficiency = Lower Fuel Costs & CO2 Emissions


 Multi-Leg Trips Easier Than Ever

Unique Single /Multi-Leg Algorithms find the most cost efficient trip routes In Seconds!

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Lowest Cost Routes

In seconds our system will generate both the fastest routes as well as lowest cost routes. In addition it also calculates the difference in price and time instantly!