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Help Fight Climate Change

Climate Change/CO2 Emissions

Whether, you believe in “Climate Change” or not; without a doubt our environment would improve in all aspects from the more-efficient use of our fossil fuels and lowering CO2 gases.

Simple and straightforward... by serving as positive stewards in protecting the global environment; now, and for the future generations it is our ongoing goal to develop new fuel-efficient technology; while, at the same-time the lowering CO2 emissions. 

About US

AMS Fuel Solutions (AMS) was formed out of the absolute necessity as aircraft owners and operators were continually searching for an easier and more accurate method in the flight planning phase to calculate the lowest trip costs; while, at the same time, lowering their carbon footprint.  And as one would expect, the task became even more challenging when it involved multiple aircraft; with, single and multi-leg trip routes.


Typically, as aircraft owners and operators add aircraft to meet the increasing demand for domestic and international travel, at some point in time they too are faced with the ongoing struggle to lower their trip costs.  More often than not, those who best control their costs of fuel, fuel consumption and carbon emissions is that fine line between success and failure.


It is this void which our patented technology has filled.

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