The only patented technology utilizing real-time data to lower your trip costs and carbon emissions!

Save valuable time and money with real-time data

Quickly and accurately determine lowest cost trip routes

Get results in less than 15 seconds!

Flight Analyzer Software

Technology with intelligence & features designed for pilots,
flight departments, and air charter operators

FlightAnalyzer's patented technology and it's embedded intelligence was designed by pilots; for pilots, schedulers and flight departments to quickly and accurately determine the lowest cost trip route by using real-time data, in turn saving the end-user valuable time and money. This cutting-edge technology automates all phases of the pre-flight planning process and then displays the results in less than 15 seconds. As a fuel optimization services company, we are constantly looking at our solutions from end-users perspective and adapting our technology to reduce their time spent in the flight-planning phase. The user-friendly technology simplifies the trip reporting and accounting functions by reducing the burden on the staff, which in turn, can afford to spend more time in other areas of the department.

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