Lower your customer's Fuel Cost & CO2 emissions...

            ...while increasing your bottom-line profits

Sophisticated array of algorithms!

Directs more business to the FBO carrying your brand name

Fuel Suppliers & Resellers...

Grow Your Brand & Bottom Line...   

Patented Fuel-Efficiency & CO2 Technology

Patented Fuel-Optimization and CO2 Technology... Unlike Any Other in the Industry!

The only real-time jet fuel price savings and CO2 software platform


Calculates in less than 15 seconds all at the same time:

-Lowest trip costs

-Lowest CO2 emissions

-Tankering opportunities


Environmental Promise

Our goal…is simple and straightforward… minimize the impact on our global environment by developing new fuel-efficiency and carbon emissions technology; while, at the same time, passing on the benefits to the user. By serving as positive stewards in protecting the environment for future generations it is our ongoing goal to advance the more-efficient use of our fossil fuels and the lowering of greenhouse gases.


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